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Chronological Order

And so it begins...


"The First Notch"


"The Third Level"

"If Ever They Happened Upon My Lair"

The Crystal Shard
Hall of Heroes
Streams of Silver
The Halfling's Gem

Menzoberranzan [Boxed Set]
"Dark Mirror"
The Legacy
Starless Night
Siege of Darkness
"The Dowry"

The Bloodstone Lands

The Cleric Quintet
1. Canticle
2. In Sylvan Shadows
3. Night Masks
4. The Fallen Fortress
5. The Chaos Curse

The Stowaway
The Shadowmask
The Sentinels

Passage to Dawn
The Silent Blade
The Spine of the World

The Sellswords
1. Servant of the Shard
("That Curious Sword")
("Empty Joys")
("Wickless in the Nether")
2. Promise of the Witch-King
3. Road of the Patriarch

The Accursed Tower

Sea of Swords
The Thousand Orcs
The Lone Drow
("Bones and Stones")
The Two Swords
("Comrades at Odds")
The Orc King

R.A. Salvatore's
War of the Spider Queen

1. Dissolution
2. Insurrection
3. Condemnation
4. Extinction
5. Annihilation
6. Resurrection

Demon Stone

The Pirate King
The Ghost King

The Neverwinter Saga
1. Gauntlgrym
("To Legend He Goes")
2. Neverwinter
3. Charon's Claw
(Neverwinter Tales)
4. The Last Threshold

The Sundering
1. The Companions


Companions Codex
1. Night of the Hunter
2. Rise of the King
(Legacy of the Crystal Shard)
3. Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf

1. Archmage
2. Maestro
3. Hero

And so it...ends?
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