Chronological Order

The Dark Elf Trilogy
1. Homeland
2. Exile
3. Sojourn

The Icewind Dale Trilogy
1. The Crystal Shard
2. Streams of Silver
3. The Halfling's Gem

Stone of Tymora
1. The Stowaway
2. The Shadowmask
3. The Sentinels

Legacy of the Drow
1. The Legacy
2. Starless Night
3. Siege of Darkness
4. Passage to Dawn

Paths of Darkness
1. The Silent Blade
2. The Spine of the World
3. Sea of Swords

The Hunter's Blades Trilogy
1. The Thousand Orcs
2. The Lone Drow
3. The Two Swords

1. The Orc King
2. The Pirate King
3. The Ghost King

1. Gauntlgrym
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Drizzt Series Chronology/Age of Drizzt

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